A hair tie pretty enough to wear as a bracelet? You got it! Sleek and unique, Pulleez on your wrist will get you as many compliments as when it’s holding up your ponytails, puffs and buns!
Classic Knot, Nugget & Heart - Silver Set of 3
Classic Knot, Nugget & Heart - Gold Set of 3
Owl, Paw & Love - Silver Set of 3
Heart, Swirl & Knot - Gold Set of 3
Heart, Swirl & Knot - Silver Set of 3
Slides Tight: No Twisting Needed

Our patented sliding system means that you never have to twist a hair tie again. Twist an elastic two times... It’s too loose! Twist it three times… it’s too tight! Pulleez slides to your desired tightness and stays put until you squeeze the toggle to release it.

The Best Accessory For Natural Hair

The longer cords in our Pulleez Plus collection allow for the easy, gentle and secure hold of beautiful and bold hairstyles! No ponytail or puff is too big. Choose 11 or 13 inches depending on your hair type.

The One & Only Sliding Ponytail Holder

Pulleez were originally created at New York Fashion Week to gently and securely hold models’ hair up backstage. Pulleez were so popular with the models that designers asked for custom versions be made to appear on the runway!



The only ponytail holder strong and light enough for your workouts and pretty enough for the red carpet! The new Pulleez Pony Party Collection is the answer to every beauty with an active lifestyle who wants a safe and secure way to hold up their hair while looking ponytail pretty

Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4

Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4
Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4
Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4
Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4

Pony Party Coffee Break Set of 4

Regular price $12.00
Pony Party Set of 4 Pulleez featuring coffee break elastic cords, our signature sliding toggle with gold metallized acrylic charms
Pulleez Sliding ponytail holder with crystal charms in light blue
Bell Charms with Aquamarine Crystal
Pulleez sliding ponytail holder with silver crystal charms
Bell Charms with Gunmetal Crystal
Pulleez sliding ponytail holder with crystal charms in pink crystal
Bell Charms with Rose Crystal
Pulleez Ponytail Holders, Hair Accessories, Silver Crystal Bell
Bell Charms with Silver Crystal
Pulleez sliding ponytail holder with crystal charms in topaz
Bell Charms with Smoked Topaz Crystal

From our customers


Ponytails hurt my scalp and now they don't

I've got long, fine hair. Regular ponytail holders started hurting my scalp about a year ago - I don't know why - and I had to either come up with a solution or cut off my hair. A bit of googling and I found these. They work!

Northeast Missouri, USA

Love these!!

I absolutely love these - I have not purchased any more holders since - I have lots of hair and like putting my hair in a ponytail but often I pop the holders or they stretch out and don't hold my hair. This band can be as tight or not as you wish - I can but my hair up in a messy bun and its great. Worth the money!!

Lolita M.
United States

A wonderful solution, for hair management!

It's actually quite easy to use. Just gather up the hair, pass it through the loop, and then hold the toggle buttons in, and cinch it up, to tighten.

Los Angeles, CA

Bought these for my beard and they do not disappoint. Highly recommend.

They should market these for men as well. Looks awesome in a beard....like Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

Blake S.
United States

Best hair tie ever ❤️

Wow this is the first hair tie product that actually holds my long, thick curly hair AND does not pull it out when removing it. Do not hesitate to try this brilliant tie!

Fairview, Oregon

Holds hair in place all day without damage

I like that I put this in my hair and don't have to adjust it again. It doesn't slip and get loose at all throughout the day. It looks different and people always ask where I got these from. A little pricey but I feel they are worth it because it seems to be less damaging than a regular ponytail.

Metairie, LA