The World’s #1 No-Twist Hair tie

Pulleez is a ponytail holder that uses a patented sliding system to hold your hair without twisting an elastic - trusted by top hairstylists to protect your hair from the damage that occurs from using traditional hair ties.


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Goodbye Ugly Elastics, Hello Gorgeous Ponytails!

Patented Sliding System Gently & Securely Holds Your Ponytails!

Patented Ponytail System

How It Works

Unlike most ponytail holders that twist to hold up ponytails and buns, Pulleez uses an innovative, patented finger-friendly toggle to hold your hair gently and securely.

Our patented sliding system means that you never have to twist a hair tie again. Twist an elastic one time... it’s too loose! Twist it two or three times.. it’s too tight! Pulleez slides to your desired tightness and stays put until you squeeze the toggle to release it.

It’s never too loose or too tight like traditional elastic bands!

Simple & Easy

Get Perfect, Beautiful Ponytail Looks… Every Time!

Are you tired of pulling out clumps of hair with your elastics?  Constantly wearing too-tight ponytails can result in hair damage.

Thankfully, there’s a better and beautiful way to hold your ponytails and buns! Pulleez is used by celebrities, influencers and models to quickly and safely hold up hair.

Pulleez gives you beautiful and secure ponytails without the damage.

Trusted By Professionals

Hairstylist Recommended

Your hair takes enough abuse from heat tools, hair styling and coloring. The last thing you need is damage from the world’s most popular hairstyle, the ponytail! Hair breakage and sometimes even hair loss is a common condition that hairstylists see with clients who wear traditional twisting hair ties. These twisting hair ties constantly place tension on the same place in your hair, causing damage. Pulleez functions by adjusting the tension of your ponytail.


The Absolute, Best Way to Hold Your Ponytails and Buns!


Thin hair, thick hair, natural hair… Pulleez works with all textures because you control the hold! Perfect for thick puffs, ponytails, buns and braided hair.


Forget those nasty old elastics that pull hair out with every use! When you squeeze the Pulleez toggle it releases any hair that may get twisted or stuck in the elastic.


Pulleez doubles as a chic wristlet! It’s lightweight and durable enough to wear to the gym, yet stylish enough to add a touch of glam at work, school or a fun night out.

Here’s Why Customers Love Their Pulleez

I love these holders

I love these holders. Using the slide allows you to properly hold your hair in place without it sliding loose or damaging your hair by being too tight. These are a must have.

- M. Wiser

These really do the job!

I purchased these holders for my niece and she just loves them! They really do the job of holding her long brown hair in place while she is doing gymnastics. So many of her friends have commented about them that she plans on purchasing some as stocking stuffers for Xmas.

- Mitch

Awesome Hair Ties

I have really thick hair and often get headaches from hair ties. You have more control of how tight they are, which equals less headaches for me. Also, I get a lot of compliments on them and they look nice on your wrist.

- Cole M Miller

Easy Pulleez

Easy to use, a better way to tie up your hair than simple rubber bands, because it doesn’t entangle your hair.

- Paulmichael Contreras

Best hair tie ever! Perfect tightness

Has eliminated the awkward not tight enough/too tight dilemma and eliminated headaches from wearing my hair up.

- Jamie Fak

Love these!

Bought these for my thick curly hair after I broke a wrist and had to put up my hair one-handed. It’s not a true single handed process, but it was as close as I could get. I like the pull tight option and find myself still using these now that I have both hands back!

- Lesanne

No pulling

I've been using this for about 3 weeks and I can see a huge difference already at the top of my head. The old bands I was using was putting too much strain on my hair and breaking it off in the middle of my head. It does help your puff from extreme shrinkage. Easy to adjust.

- C. Lowe

I don’t lose hair

I started growing my hair long during the pandemic--I'm a guy--and I needed a way to tie my ever-increasing locks back. I tried a number of elastic bands designed for the purpose but found they all needed to be pretty tight to keep my hair in place. I lose a few strands of hair when I remove the elastic, even though I'm pretty careful. One needs only pull the hair once through the loop on the Pulleez and cinch it up. Simple. And I don't lose any hair when I take it off. A great product.

- Carnivore

Best ponytail holders ever!

Easy to use. Came with great illustrated directions. I don't need to look in mirror to put my hair up. I am ordering more today. No pulling feeling never too tight or too loose, and no wrapping the scrunchies or elastics around 2 or 3 times to make secure. Stayed in place all through a very active day and even when I fell asleep. Removes easily too. No hair pulling out with or getting caught in it.

- S. Mcdermott

Get a Perfect Ponytail in Just Seconds

Simply squeeze to tighten & squeeze again to release

Step 1

Gather Hair

Step 2

Slide Tight

Step 3

Perfect Ponytail


Is Your Hair Tie Safe? Be Sure with Pulleez!

Ponytail Friendly

Holds any type of hair – natural, thick or thin.

Take It Anywhere

Beautiful yet lightweight and secure hold.

Easy to Use

Anyone can use it, even guys!

Hair Jewelry

Pretty color cords with elegant charms

My clients love them, all of the stylists I work with love them, and I love them. We’ve had them for over a year in the salon and all of our clients want to buy them. Pulleez are simply amazing!

~ Michael

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

Order Pulleez risk-free and if you don’t love them, we’ll make things right.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Enjoy a flexible, 30-day return and refund policy on unused items in their original packaging

Woman-Owned Company

Pulleez is proudly owned and operated by two women.

Free, fast shipping

Get your goods as soon as possible, fast free shipping on all qualifying USA offers

Quality Promise

We control every step of the process to ensure a beautiful and high-quality product

World Class Customer Support

Connect with real people who care about your hair. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Plain and simple, our mission is to promote healthier hair one ponytail at a time.


Enjoy Damage-Free Ponytails Today!

Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H
Pony Party:  BUY 1 + S&H

Pony Party: BUY 1 + S&H

Pony Party:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 2, GET 1 FREE

Pony Party: BUY 2, GET 1 FREE

$8.33 each
Pony Party:  BUY 3, GET 2 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 3, GET 2 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 3, GET 2 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 3, GET 2 FREE

Pony Party: BUY 3, GET 2 FREE

$7.50 each
Pony Party:  BUY 4, GET 4 FREE
Pony Party:  BUY 4, GET 4 FREE

Pony Party: BUY 4, GET 4 FREE

$6.25 each
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