Welcome Grommet Community! Pulleez ponytail holders were invented at New York Fashion Week to hold models' hair up gently and securely. Pulleez use a patented sliding system to hold your hair without twisting an elastic –  trusted by top hairstylists to protect your hair from the damage that occurs from using traditional elastics!

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Unlike most ponytail holders that twist to hold up ponytails and buns, Pulleez uses an innovative, patented finger-friendly toggle to hold your hair gently and securely.

Our patented sliding system means that you never have to twist a hair tie again. Twist a hair tie one time… it’s too loose! Twist it two or three times.. it’s too tight! Pulleez slides to your desired tightness and stays put until you squeeze the toggle to release it. It’s never too loose or too tight like traditional elastic bands!

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Thin hair, thick hair, natural hair... Pulleez works with all hair types because you control the hold!


Easy to use. Came with great illustrated directions. I don't need to look in the mirror to put my hair up. I am ordering more today. No pulling feeling, never too tight or too loose, and no wrapping the scrunchies or elastics around 2 or 3 times to make secure. Stayed in place all through a very active day and even when I fell asleep. Removes easily, too. No hair pulling out with or getting caught in it.

S. Mcdermott

Verified Buyer

These things are amazing. You can wear all day and they stay put just by sliding the ponytail holder closed, no more twisitng an elastic 3 or more times just to realize you pulled it too tight. Or just hold your hair out of the way while doing makeup, then slide out..3 people at work asked me immediately what they were and how to get them, becasue they were simply so pretty in my hair

Renee D

Verified Buyer

I absolutely love these - I have not purchased any more holders since - I have lots of hair and like putting my hair in a ponytial but often I pop the holders or they stretch out and don't hold my hair. this band can be as tight or not as you wish - I can put my hair up in a messay bun and it's great. Worth the money!!

Lolita M.

Verified Buyer

I've been using this for about three weeks and I can see a huge difference already at the top of my head. The old bands I was using was putting too much strain on my hair and breaking it off on the middle of my head. It does help your puff from extreme shrinkage. Easy to adjust.

C. Lowe

Verified Purchase

After having wrist surgery I couldn't put my hair up. So when these were recommended by my therapist, I found them helpful to do my own hair. My hair is fine so these work great. I could stretch them tight. I would recommend these even for little girls to do their own hair!


Verified Buyer

  • Holds all types of hair
  • Reduces breakage
  • Hairstylist recommended
  • Wear it everywhere

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