Frustrated with the ponytail holders on the market, former fashion show producer Diana Wright set out to create a practical way to hold hair up that would appeal to her strong sense of style. She spent more than a year handcrafting the pieces until they became effortless to wear.

Diana brought her creations, called Pulleez, to NY Spring Fashion Week 2012 where they were an instant hit both on the runways and backstage. Models and designers asked if they could keep their Pulleez and wanted to purchase more for their friends. Many of the models wore the pieces on their wrists as bracelets. Diana was encouraged by the response and decided to build a brand to meet the demand.

Currently, there are 16 styles of Pulleez. There is no need to wrap the elastic multiple times as with traditional elastics. Pulleez are secured by sliding hair through the elastic once; the wearer then squeezes the Pulleez while pulling the ends of the elastic to a desired tightness. The patent pending design completely eliminates hair snagging.